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Why a Leading Climatologist Changed Her Mind About Climate Change

GeorgiaTechLogoWInterested in the global warming/climate change/climate disruption debate, even slightly?

If so, I recommend this short, very readable and informative interview of Dr. Judith Curry, climatologist and chairman of Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, by Tony Thomas for Australia's Quadrant Magazine.

The interview begins:

TONY THOMAS: If the skeptic/orthodox spectrum is a range from 1 (intense skeptic) to 10 (intensely IPCC orthodox), where on the scale would you put yourself

(a) as at 2009

(b) as at 2014,

and why has there been a shift (if any)?

JUDITH CURRY: In early 2009, I would have rated myself as 7; at this point I would rate myself as a 3...

Read on find out why.

Hat tip: Climate Depot.

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