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Horace Cooper on Hannity, Speaking on Scalise Non-Scandal

Horace Cooper, the co-chairman of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network, said charges still being made against Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) — despite that initial reports of him speaking to a white supremacist group a dozen years ago are now very much in dispute — are part of a double standard in which liberal politicos made a “non-event” into something they can “exploit.”  At the same time, they overlook problems in their own ranks that make the Scalise story minor even under its worst interpretation.

In a debate with liberal commentator Leslie Marshall on Sean Hannity’s 1/5/15 radio show, Horace brought up how President Barack Obama never apologized for his association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright — a relationship Obama carried on for around 20 years despite Wright’s radical racial views.  He also brought up how Vice President Joe Biden was also given a pass for recently referring to Jews by the derogatory term “shylock.”


But Horace raised the long and controversial career of the late senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) to really make his point about the Scalise double standard.  He noted:

What I want to see is what is the record of Mr. Scalise.

Now, Bobby Byrd has the record and distinction of being the only United States senator who twice — when having the chance to vote for the first or the second black man on the Supreme Court — voted no both times.  Now, progressives give him a pass all the way up until his death.  His actions — filibustering the Civil Rights Act, filibustering the Voting Rights Act — all of these actions have been given a pass.  And he got to become Senate Majority Leader with his record.  Never repenting.  Never having a day [when] he stood up and said, “it was wrong of me to do what I did.”  He went to his grave without having to make that repentance.

I wanna understand why it’s OK for that standard to be held by the Democrats, and a minor event that was a non-issue that was only brought up just for the purpose of creating the very news story that it has is now, somehow, an important issue.

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