Major Online Retailer Offers 10 Percent Off for Customers Typing "Liberty" at Checkout
Feb 15, 2015 at 11:37 PM
Amy Ridenour in Business, FreeEnterpriseProject

The National Center's Free Enterprise Project fights liberalism in America's corporate boardrooms, and has found plenty of it to fight.

As a result, I may be more sensitive than most when a company appears to be signaling that it appreciates the key founding principles of our nation, but I was pleased to see this when shopping online this afternoon for new pants for one of our constantly-growing sons:

LLBean Liberty

Ten percent off all purchases through Monday, February 16 if you enter the word "liberty" at checkout!

Our Free Enterprise Project mostly works with publicly-held corporations, and has had little if any contact with L.L. Bean, which is privately owned by the Bean family. I don't even know the CEO's name.

What I do have, though, is a firm suspicion that at least some company executives appreciate one of our nation's key founding principles: Liberty.

I bought their pants.

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