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Scientific Correctness

Bill of Bill's Comments predicts the future decline of American science:

In 10 to 25 years, we will see the eclipse of American science, the pride of the 20th Century. Some country, more interested in real results than in who is offended, will suddenly deluge the world with a product based on new discoveries that will destroy a major segment of our economy.
Surely not. Anyway, since global warming is coming and it will drown the Earth, it hardly matters.


A Constrained Vision: Social Security Around the World

A Constrained Vision has collected a very interesting set of links showing which countries have individual retirement accounts as part of their mandatory retirement programs.


Daly Thoughts Blog's Top 40

Daly Thoughts ranks his top 40 favorite blogs.

Thanks, Gerry -- your blog easily makes my Top 40, too!


Sleeping Through the Night

In hindsight I can see that regardless of nasal congestion getting the boogers sucked out of your nose with an aspirator while you were already upset wouldn't do much to improve your disposition.

-Kevin at Wizbang

If you have babies/little kids who don't always sleep through the night, read Kevin's post.


Go Steelers!

This is fun. This blog is the top Google search result for the term "nfl dynasty."


Go Fred!

Fred Singer, as of 12:15 AM Eastern, is pulling ahead.


United Nations Wants to Rule Internet

Captain Ed hits the nail on the head with a post that begins:

Just when we thought that the United Nations had enough problems trying to keep its peacekeepers and mission management off of prepubescent girls in Africa and its hands off of aid money intended for the starving and oppressed, we find out that Turtle Bay wants to take on a whole new mission. Now the U.N., which brought you the Oil-For-Food scandal and the rape of the Congo, wants to take over the Internet...
The U.N. wants everything, but deserves nothing.


Bush's Classic Conservatism

Ed Haislmaier is recommending this essay about President Bush's foreign policy style in the March 29 International Herald Tribune.


Happens to Be Black

I haven't been following the Michael Jackson trial very much, but I did just notice that Jackson is playing the race card, saying of the charges against him

"... this has kind of been a pattern among black luminaries in this country."
I'm sitting here trying to think of any other adult luminaries who live in theme parks and party with children.

Maybe it is just that the one luminary who does that happens to be black.


The Stewards of Gay Washington

The Washington Post has a page one story Monday about a unit of the DC Metropolitan Police that covers the beat of "gay Washington."

Based on the article, the unit covers such responsibilities as domestic violence calls to same-sex couples and is kind enough not to toss an arrested fellow wearing a dress into a cell amid the general prison population.

I read the entire article and still didn't get why the unit is necessary (shouldn't all police officers be trained in dealing with all segments of the community?), but then, I don't know much about police work.

I did, however, learn this from the Post piece:

Gender is [a] divider; lesbians tend to socialize separately from gay men.
Who'd a thunk it?


Republican Voices

I received an e-mail from a young man who says he is 12 years old and the editor of this website.

Very nice website for a 12-year-old.


Those Funky, Edgy Kids Got Rather

Spotted this haughty prose in the "Inside Washington" column of the March 26 National Journal (subscription required):

The Office of National Drug Control Policy claims it has become the first Cabinet-level agency to launch a Web log -- or 'blog' as the kids call them -- one of those funky, edgy Internet sites consisting of the random observances of a citizen diarist."
The column carries no byline.


Vote for Fred Singer

Physicist Dr. Fred Singer is actively campaigning for the Flat Earth Award.

I already voted for him on the merits -- as worthy as the other nominees truly are. If you appreciate the work of scientists such as Fred Singer, who have been willing to endure the vilification of the environmental left as they continue sharing what they truly believe about global warming, take two seconds and vote for him on the right side of this page.

(I wrote about the award last month here. To read some of Fred's thoughts on global warming and other issues, go here.)

Addendum 3/27: The college students who are sponsoring the Flat Earth Award think Tony Blair -- yes, the British Labor Party's Tony Blair -- is "a respected conservative politician." (Say the students: "...note the wondefully [sic] amusing recent comments from 'supporters' of Fred Singer on our website. I hope that these folks are letting Tony Blair, James Baker III, John McCain and Chuck Hagel know about this VAST GREENIE CONSPIRACY known as global warming. After all, as our entries show below, each of these respected conservative politicians agrees: the climate crisis is real, and we have the know-how to create a new clean energy future.")

Calling Tony Blair a "conservative" tells us something about the students' politics, or their level of knowledge. I'm guessing the latter.

Would it be cruel to suggest a C-Span debate between the students and even one of the climate change skeptics they mock on their website? Probably.


Shoes for Iraqi Kids

I have been receiving e-mails from people who say they saw me on TV, where I made an appeal for people to donate gently used and new children's shoes for the children of Iraq.

Funny thing is, I haven't been on TV talking about that. (Another Amy Ridenour, perhaps?) But I did blog about it some time ago, and I have shipped over some of my kids' used shoes, so I'm all for the idea.

I learned about the program from the Keystone Soldiers website. It is a great website to visit if you support our men and women overseas -- even if you don't have any gently used children's shoes.

Meantime, if you happen to see an Amy Ridenour on TV talking about shoes for Iraqi kids, she's not me -- unless she's young and witty and beautiful, that is.

Yep, that's the ticket.

Addendum 3/26/05: The mystery may be solved, thanks to the following e-mail I received:

Re: your post on shoes

It was Addie, and she was on Dennis Miller. She's young and beautiful. Hey what the heck, go with the flow!

A fan of you blog, keep up the good work,

Dayna Hydrick
San Diego


Funny Story

Glenn Reynolds has a funny story about former Speaker of the House Nicholas Longworth -- or about Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. (He's not sure which).


Michelle Malkin: Press Conference on Ward Churchill

Michelle Malkin has the goods on Ward Churchill.


Social Security Trustees Report Quick Recap

Feel like you should read the new Social Security Trustees Report (released today), but don't have the energy?

Then read this 350-word summary, and get the gist of the message quickly and succinctly.

My conclusion: Don't wait for Congress to approve personal accounts. If you aren't already (unless you are elderly), start putting money away now. Keep control of your future in your own hands -- no one cares about your future more than you do.

And, yes, support personal accounts, too.

P.S. Yes, hubby David and I do follow our own advice. We haven't taken a vacation since 1999, but there is not a month since we married that we have not made a deposit into our retirement savings. Even small deposits add up over time, if you stick with a plan.

P.P.S. Mary Katherine Ham of Insider Online has a list of links on the Trustees Report (thanks for the plug, Mary Katherine!).


Answering the Myths About Social Security

If you are interested in the Social Security debate, I urge you to visit the website of the National Center for Policy Analysis.

This evening, for example, it has a new two-page paper by Dr. Thomas R. Saving which succinctly demolishes these four myths about Social Security:

Myth 1: The Trust Funds can help pay benefits.
Myth 2: The financial problems of Social Security and Medicare are in the distant future.
Myth 3: The funding problem is minor.
Myth 4: Personal Retirement Accounts won't help.
Download the entire paper, "Answering the Myths About Social Security," here.


Backcountry Conservative: Popping the Question

Congratulations to Jeff at Backcountry Conservative and his fiancee, Jenn, upon their engagement.

May you have very many happy years together.


Everything I Know Is Wrong: Groundbreaking Mercury Restrictions From Bush EPA

I appreciate this post on the Bush Administration's mercury regulations by Sean at the Everything I Know Is Wrong blog.

A note on Sean's observations in this post on the new autism study: Because so little is truly known about the cause of autism, yet (mercifully) research levels are increasing, we're going to see many announcements of exciting new leads into the cause of autism. It may be inevitable that some of these new leads will be exploited by environmental alarmists in support of whatever they may be lobbying for at that particular moment, but very many of these researchers are nonpolitical. We just have to evaluate every study on its merits -- the hard way.