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Holiday Shuffle

An interesting idea. I believe I agree with it.


Attention CBS...

...this is what research looks like.


Sometimes, It Is Handy to Be Old

When bloggers talk about the likelihood that the Texas National Guard bought "extra balls" for their "Selectrics," does anyone under thirty have any clue what the bloggers are talking about?

My question sheds no light on the forged vs. not forged issue (sorry!), but I'm wondering anyway.


No, the Post Isn't Missing - Click on "Hat"

Hat tip to and the American Digest.



If you like James Lileks' Tales of Gnat (I do), you'll love The Saga of the Tasty Marker on Recycled Electrons.

Speaking of The Bleat, read this from the 9/10 edition:

Blogs haven't toppled old media. The foundations of Old Media were rotten already. The new media came along at the right time. Put it this way: you've see films of old buildings detonated by precision demolitionists. First you see the puffs of smoke -- then the building just hangs there for a second, even though every column that held it up has been severed. We've been living in that second for years, waiting for the next frame. Well, here it is. Roll tape. Down she goes. And when the dust settles we will be right back where we were 100 years ago, with dozens of fiercely competitive media outlets throwing elbows to earn your pennies.


Annoy a Leftist Today

Blogs of War reports that the family of a 23-year-old 1st Cavalry Division soldier, Chad Drake, who was killed in action Monday, was harassed Wednesday by "peace" activists at a "Service of Mourning & Remembrance for 1000 U.S. Military War Dead in Iraq" sponsored by the Dallas Peace Center.

The family, probably misled by the name of the event and possibly by the fact that the group claims to work for "reconcilliation," mistakenly thought the point of the gathering was to honor U.S. war dead.

Instead, according to an e-mail sent by a family friend to the Dallas NBC affiliate, the mother of the dead soldier was "harassed and yelled at, booed and hissed, told her son died for nothing."

"Reconcilliation" traditionally is a left-wing code word for oppression. (If you doubt it, substitute "oppression" next time you hear a leftist say "reconcilliation," and see if the sentence doesn't instantly become more accurate.)

Our website's Joe Roche page has an address for care packages for the 1st Cavalry Division. Annoy a leftist today and honor Chad Drake's memory by sending something -- some paperbacks, a DVD, perhaps some cookies -- to these brave men and women. As important as the gift -- probably more important -- is the knowledge that most of us appreciate them.

Addendum: I corrected the incorrect link for the Joe Roche page with the care packages address. My apologies for the error!



NAACP Taking Sides?

Project 21 is wondering why the national NAACP reportedly forced the Ohio NAACP Chapter to rescind a speaking invitation at this weekend's Ohio NAACP state convention to Secretary of Education Rod Paige.

The group appears to be allowing a surrogate speaker for Senator Kerry, but not for President Bush.


Florida: Brace Yourselves

Sorry Florida, says Reuters. The hurricanes are normal.

In fact, says the report, given its location, Florida has been very lucky not to have had more hurricanes over the last forty years.


Church Political Speech - What's Legal, What's Not

The James Madison Center for Free Speech and the Alliance Defense Fund have jointly published concise guides explaining what churches operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code can and cannot legally do in regard to political activity.

The guides, which also can be helpful to other non-profit organizations, are free to the public and available on the groups' websites. The James Madison Center and the Alliance Defense Fund, which are nonprofits, also assist churches, pastors and priests with related legal advice.


Bill Cosby on Parenting

Project 21 has a new press release out on the topic of Bill Cosby's latest forthright remarks that some, the Associated Press reports, call an "elitist attack on the poor."


Blog Quote in Smithsonian

Speaking of Joe Roche, despite all the mishaps I was eventually (at 4:30 AM! Thursday) able to catch Joe on the Michael Reagan show taped Wednesday. So it is time to mention Joe's other good news: Joe has been contacted by A&E Television Network, which is asembling a new permanent exhibit for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, A&E asked Joe to give for permission to include in the exhibit this quote:

"I'm not trying to sound like a big tough guy. I'm scared everyday and pray before every mission for our safety and success. This is a combat zone."
The exhibit, titled "The Price of Freedom," is to examine the role of the American military in war.

So Joe's having quite a month, quote-wise. And this one blog post by Joe is now doubly destined for the history books.



Doctors Can't Cure Everything

Galen's Log focuses its stethoscope on the malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit filed by the late actor John Ritter's family against the hospital that treated him at the time of his death.

Unlike blogger Galen, I'm no physician, but I have to suspect that world famous, ultra popular TV personalities such as Ritter generally get decent attention in medical facilities.

Needless lawsuits drive up medical costs for everyone. I hope the Ritter family thought long and hard about the merits of this lawsuit before filing it.


First Among Equals

Joe Roche was quoted in a page one Washington Post story Thursday.

I guess the Post, not a notoriously right-wing outfit, does not concur with the leftist souless wonders who think that when a soldier such as Joe relates his honest opinion it constitutes a "PR missive" (Daily Kos), call Joe a "phony" and a "professional propagandist" (Oliver Willis) or, like in April, claim Joe isn't real.

I guess I should not harp on this issue but I just can't believe people act this way toward our combat soldiers. While all Americans enjoy First Amendment rights equally, I can't help but think that those who put their lives on the line to defend those rights should be treated, ceremonially at least, as first among equals.



Bush's National Guard Service

Sean at Everything I Know Is Wrong puts Bush's National Guard Service in context.

Worth a read unless you are sure you know everything there is to know about the subject.


Joe Roche on Mike Reagan Tonight

Joe Roche will be a guest on Mike Reagan's national radio show this evening.

Joe's various emails from the front in Iraq have been quoted, linked to and re-posted by over 200 blogs since April, which I think is wonderful (more than wonderful). If any of you would like to listen in, you can visit Mike Reagan's website to find a station in your area or to listen in via Internet. Joe is to appear at either 6:30 PM Eastern or 7:30 PM Eastern. The website broadcasts the show live 6-9 PM Eastern and rebroadcasts the entire three-hour show at 9 PM Eastern and again at 1 AM Eastern.

This will be Joe's first radio interview, save some interviews he did with his college radio station when he was an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. Given the prominence of Mike's show, Joe is starting at the top!

Joe's had some major good news since we last posted major good news about Joe last week. I'll post more about it after the radio broadcast tonight, so Joe has a chance to tell everyone about it first himself on the radio show, but here is a hint: Think Smithsonian Institution.

Addendum: Well, no "after the broadcast" for me. Because we had company for dinner I was unable to listen to the show during 6-9 PM nor during most of the 9-12 rebroadcast, so I relied on the Radio America website's information that it rebroadcasts the show at 1 AM. It doesn't. So I spent the rest of the night hooking up an XM radio home satellite system. Next time, I'll have options. Or at least I hope I will. I got the XM hardware up great, but their website says it is too busy to process new activation requests just now. More customers than they can handle, I guess.



Cold Global Warming

Some weather reports from around the globe:

Nebraska farmers are worried that one of the coolest summers on record will harm the state's corn and soybean crops. Minnesota and Wisconsin farmers are among the others who have worried about cool temperatures.

Iowans are seeing tourism revenues fall because of low temperatures.

Winnipeg is on track to have its coolest summer since at least 1872.

Chicago trees are shedding leaves too soon because of the cold.

St. Louis is having its coolest summer since 1985.

New Zealand doctors are complaining that record low temperatures there are causing a spike in influenza cases and other medical problems.

South Africa is seeing some record low temperatures.
Diehard global warming theory advocates are undeterred, however: "There's always the thought in my mind that global warming is at work, even when it's cool. It might cause an ice age. That has dampened my ecstasy about the nice cool weather."


Burn, Baby, Burn

The Washington Post reports that Americans waste $5.7 billion gallons of fuel annually by being stuck in traffic.

Meanwhile, many new highway projects are stymied because environmental organizations claim that building them will hurt the environment.


More Misleading Media?

Jeff Blogworthy and Joseph Farah say Alan Keyes didn't say what you think he said.


AP Accuracy: Piling On

Powerline is suggesting that readers send polite letters to the Associated Press, asking how the AP made its now blogfamous error reporting that a GOP crowd booed President Bush's well wishes for former President Clinton.

Powerline also provides another example of dubious AP reporting.

At the risk of piling on, here's my contribution to the AP reporting debate. A little dated now -- I wrote this five months ago -- but it reviews an AP story published in many newspapers worldwide that the AP managed to screw up royally.


National Geographic's Downward Slide

I'm glad to see these thoughts about the politicization of National Geographic on the Bill's Comments blog.

Ideally, National Geographic -- which we read at our home -- should be the kind of magazine one can share with confidence with one's children (please, no jokes about half-dressed natives!) for educational purposes. Once upon a time, it was.