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Well And Truly Broken

This says exactly what I think about Dan Rather's comments as reported the Washington Post today.


Ingraham v.  O'Reilly

Congratulations to talk host Laura Ingraham, who gave Fox's Bill O'Reilly a much-deserved earful on his program tonight.

Laura did her homework and she didn't back down. O'Reilly tried a few tricks (such as telling her he didn't regard her as as right-wing as Rush Limbaugh -- he mistakenly thought it was a compliment), but Laura wasn't buying any of it.

Fox will run the O'Reilly Factor three more times between now and dawn. If I find a transcript or a copy online I'll post it here.


Just Kidding

It is amazing to me that satellite pictures of the United States seem to include state border lines.


No Jews or Christians Allowed

Can this possibly be legal?

Hat tip to Little Red Blog.

Addendum: I just telephoned Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. I asked if what I had heard was true, that I must be a Muslim to be eligible to visit the park this Friday. I was told that the park is closed on Fridays. Seeing the loophole, I asked: "So the park is not open this Friday?" The Six Flags employee hesitated a second and then told me the park would be open this Friday, having been reserved by and for the use of a private group.

As it was after 9 PM when I called I was speaking to security personnel rather than to personnel in executive offices. If someone else has the full scoop on this I'd love to know it and will link to it if it is online, but if no one does I will call Six Flags tomorrow and ask them for their side of the story, and then post what I learn here.

Addendum #2 dated 9/15: WorldNetDaily is now reporting that Six Flags says the park will not be used exclusively by Muslim groups on Friday and that one of the Muslim organizations is backing off claims that the park will be "exclusively for Muslims" on Friday. The details in the WorldNet Daily story don't conform to what I was told by security personnel when I called Six Flags, but World Net Daily's source is the vice president of public relations for Six Flags, so unless other evidence surfaces, I'm going to assume she knows what she is talking about.

So, as the story stands now, there will be no religious test for entry into the theme park this Friday.


Dementia and Voting

The Washington Post expresses page one concern that people with dementia are voting.

Says the Post:

While many states have laws governing who is eligible to vote, attempts to disenfranchise voters with dementia could face constitutional challenge.
Change the could in that sentence to would -- if necessary, I'd challenge such a move myself.

There is absolutely no way doctors and caregivers can judge who is capable of making an informed decision. If a person can't vote -- literally can no longer understand how to physically cast the vote -- that's one thing, because that is an objective standard not determined by the judgement of a third party, but no third party should be able to take away someone's citizenship rights based on a medical opinion.

But taking the vote away from people who can't even pass one of Jay Leno's sidewalk civics tests, now that's a voting reform I can get behind.

Addendum: One of my must-read blogs, The Commons at Paulie World, rightly (in my view) corrects the Post's use of language in the quote above. I was glad to read the correction, because weak editing by big-budget, prestigious and (to be blunt) often self-important news publications is one of my pet peeves.



People are laughing about Batman at Buckingham Palace, but the campaign for enhanced fathers' custody rights in Britain is apparently quite a huge issue.

More here.


What If

I had a fun experience today that I hope happens to many other bloggers.

I was reading a thoughtful essay about the author's perceived change in the quality of Andrew Sullivan's blog on the What If? blog today and, to my surprise, found at the end of the essay a compliment of this blog. Thanks, Peggy!

In a much more serious vein, What If? has posted a haunting 9/11 pictorial remembrance essay. Brace yourself before you click the link.


Helping Autistic Kids

The Strengthen The Good project for this month is The Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children.

Even if you have no plans to donate to this charity, I urge you to go to the Strengthen the Good webpage and read the moving story of how and why it came to be created.

The Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children helps children with autism, a neurological/learning disorder of varying severity. Autistic children greatly benefit from specialized educational techniques. The Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children, in addition to serving children directly, helps teach parents how to raise autistic children to their true potential.


NAACP Backs Down

Blogger and Project 21 member Michael King is reporting on his Ramblings' Journal blog that NAACP CEO Kweisi Mfume is going to "apologize personally" for an incident in which the national NAACP reportedly pressured the Ohio NAACP to rescind a speaking invitation to U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige.

Mfume denies, however, that the national NAACP played any role in the matter.

Project 21 condemned the snub of Paige on Friday.


Care Packages

I recommend this touching update on the story of soldier Chad Drake of the 1st Cavalry Division, killed in action last Monday.

Spc. Drake's family was harassed by a pro-oppression rally in Dallas two days after this death.

We've been recommending that an appropriate response to this might be to send a care package and/or a thank you note to the 1st Cavalry Division, now posted in Baghdad.


Blogger Jammies!

I definitely agree with Bear: It is time to develop this year's hottest Christmas gift -- Blogger jammies! (OK, maybe not hottest in all circles, but I bet they would sell well in Minnesota.)

Says Jonathan Klein of CBS on bloggers: "A guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas."

Let make sure some of these jammies are pink nighties, so when people in jammies are running rings around his well-dressed ace reporters, Jonny will recall that not all bloggers are guys.

We had concluded that the one thing upon which CBS News remains absolutely reliable was its adherence to political correctness.

Guess we were wrong.

Addendum:: Reader Mark writes in to suggest that young female bloggers, particularly those too young to know what a Selectric is, might like to wear something modelled on this rather than nighties. Nice try, Mark!


Holiday Shuffle

An interesting idea. I believe I agree with it.


Attention CBS...

...this is what research looks like.


Sometimes, It Is Handy to Be Old

When bloggers talk about the likelihood that the Texas National Guard bought "extra balls" for their "Selectrics," does anyone under thirty have any clue what the bloggers are talking about?

My question sheds no light on the forged vs. not forged issue (sorry!), but I'm wondering anyway.


No, the Post Isn't Missing - Click on "Hat"

Hat tip to and the American Digest.



If you like James Lileks' Tales of Gnat (I do), you'll love The Saga of the Tasty Marker on Recycled Electrons.

Speaking of The Bleat, read this from the 9/10 edition:

Blogs haven't toppled old media. The foundations of Old Media were rotten already. The new media came along at the right time. Put it this way: you've see films of old buildings detonated by precision demolitionists. First you see the puffs of smoke -- then the building just hangs there for a second, even though every column that held it up has been severed. We've been living in that second for years, waiting for the next frame. Well, here it is. Roll tape. Down she goes. And when the dust settles we will be right back where we were 100 years ago, with dozens of fiercely competitive media outlets throwing elbows to earn your pennies.


Annoy a Leftist Today

Blogs of War reports that the family of a 23-year-old 1st Cavalry Division soldier, Chad Drake, who was killed in action Monday, was harassed Wednesday by "peace" activists at a "Service of Mourning & Remembrance for 1000 U.S. Military War Dead in Iraq" sponsored by the Dallas Peace Center.

The family, probably misled by the name of the event and possibly by the fact that the group claims to work for "reconcilliation," mistakenly thought the point of the gathering was to honor U.S. war dead.

Instead, according to an e-mail sent by a family friend to the Dallas NBC affiliate, the mother of the dead soldier was "harassed and yelled at, booed and hissed, told her son died for nothing."

"Reconcilliation" traditionally is a left-wing code word for oppression. (If you doubt it, substitute "oppression" next time you hear a leftist say "reconcilliation," and see if the sentence doesn't instantly become more accurate.)

Our website's Joe Roche page has an address for care packages for the 1st Cavalry Division. Annoy a leftist today and honor Chad Drake's memory by sending something -- some paperbacks, a DVD, perhaps some cookies -- to these brave men and women. As important as the gift -- probably more important -- is the knowledge that most of us appreciate them.

Addendum: I corrected the incorrect link for the Joe Roche page with the care packages address. My apologies for the error!



NAACP Taking Sides?

Project 21 is wondering why the national NAACP reportedly forced the Ohio NAACP Chapter to rescind a speaking invitation at this weekend's Ohio NAACP state convention to Secretary of Education Rod Paige.

The group appears to be allowing a surrogate speaker for Senator Kerry, but not for President Bush.


Florida: Brace Yourselves

Sorry Florida, says Reuters. The hurricanes are normal.

In fact, says the report, given its location, Florida has been very lucky not to have had more hurricanes over the last forty years.


Church Political Speech - What's Legal, What's Not

The James Madison Center for Free Speech and the Alliance Defense Fund have jointly published concise guides explaining what churches operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code can and cannot legally do in regard to political activity.

The guides, which also can be helpful to other non-profit organizations, are free to the public and available on the groups' websites. The James Madison Center and the Alliance Defense Fund, which are nonprofits, also assist churches, pastors and priests with related legal advice.