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What Can Help the University of Missouri?

What is the next step for the University of Missouri, now that its president and chancellor have resigned? Project 21’s Stacy Washington explained to Newsmax host Ed Berliner why two proposed reforms will NOT help, and suggested one idea that could make a huge difference.

“They want to institute mandatory diversity training for all incoming students,” Stacy said on the November 9 broadcast. “I think that’s a load of malarkey. You understand what kind of training falls under ‘diversity?’ It’s not the kind of stuff a lot of parents here in Missouri and elsewhere, who are sending their kids here for quite a pretty penny, are gonna want their children to undergo.”

Stacy continued:

There’s also the issue of them wanting white people to denounce their privilege. Since when should anyone be ashamed of themselves for being whatever their ethnicity or their race is? Do we all have to apologize for any privilege that we have, if we’ve ever been successful, if we have more than what they say we should have? That is the problem here.

Addressing acts of racism means you have to know who did the act of racism. If they don’t know who yelled the racial epithets out of the truck, if they don’t know who smeared the feces, then they can’t properly adjudicate those things. There’s nothing they can do.

On the other hand, there’s something that those students can do… The thing that beats racism and glass ceilings is excellence. So if you’re a Mizzou football player, you play the best football you can. Make it a winning season. Stop focusing on these incidents.

Watch Stacy’s complete 11/9/15 appearance on NewsmaxTV’s “The Hard Line” below:


Black Lives Matter Movement is No Longer Redeemable, Says Project 21's Nedd 

Despite the good intentions of the initial Black Lives Matter movement, Bishop Council Nedd II of the Project 21 black leadership network says that there’s very little that’s redeemable from the movement in its current form.

“I think it started out as a decent idea, but then got immediately politicized.  Then it got radicalized.  And that radicalization has sort of become the dominant voice in there.  I don’t know if there’s much redeemable,” he told host Ed Berliner on NewsmaxTV’s “The Hard Line.”

Nedd says moderate and reasonable supporters of Black Lives Matter have distanced themselves from the movement as it has become radicalized.

“I’m sure there are some people involved in that movement who have some good intentions.  However, all you hear are the people making the most noise, calling for violence against police officers, calling for the destruction of everything we know in order to promote one group over another, and that’s racist, elitist, and dangerous.  We’ve seen now that, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, police officers have been shot dead in the streets.”

Nedd’s full appearance from October 30 can be viewed below:


Apple's Rhetoric vs. Reality

“What Tim Cook is putting out is rhetoric, and what the investors are seeing is reality,” says Free Enterprise Project director Justin Danhof about Apple shareholders.

Talking with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network, Danhof especially mocked Apple’s iPhone 6 ad campaign that promises that everything about the phone has changed. “Well, that’s simply not true,” he laughed.


“When you’re selling to areas like China where there’s an emerging middle class and a lot of folks are buying their first-ever iPhone, everything is new and great and wonderful to them,” notes Danhof. “But when you’re telling folks here in America and some European countries, ‘Everything has changed,’ and then they go buy their new phone, there’s this big disconnect. And you can only have that disconnect between the rhetoric of the CEO, the rhetoric of the ad campaigns, and the reality of the lack of innovation in the products for so long.”

Justin’s October 28 appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto Coast to Coast” can be viewed in its entirety below.


Black Conservative Kevin Martin Supports Voter ID Requirements

Should the Voting Rights Act be reauthorized in its current form? Should photo identification be required to vote? Project 21’s Kevin Martin was part of a panel on Thom Hartmann’s “Big Picture Rumble” to discuss these and other issues. 

Regarding photo identification requirements for voting, Martin said:

“I’m a veteran. I go to get my benefits from the VA, I gotta show an ID. I go into a bank, I gotta show an ID. I go into my credit union, I gotta show an ID. I give blood, I gotta show an ID. All of a sudden now, magically, if I need an ID to vote, it’s racist.”

Martin also called into question the statistics that liberal host Hartmann used to oppose voter identification requirements.

Watch the excerpt below.


Liberals Play Politics with Government Dietary Standards

NationalReviewNROLogoWjpgThe National Center's Jeff Stier and food writer Julie Kelly took on the politicization of -- of all things -- the federal government's dietary guidelines in an article for National Review this week:
Over the past 30 years, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans have become as bloated as the nation’s collective waistline, serving up a thick brew of revolving-door nutrition advice, confusing messages, and perhaps even politically influenced eating recommendations. In 1985, the report — which gives updated nutrition advice to Americans every five years — was just 19 pages long. It resulted in a simple brochure with commonsense advice: “If you are too fat, your chances of developing some chronic disorders are increased. . . . To lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than you burn.” It advised against vomiting or using laxatives to lose weight (back when anorexia, not obesity, was a major concern). Only two charts were included: one with the desired weight for average adults and another with the calorie-burn for exercises such as ballroom dancing and chopping wood... In 2015, the report is a 571-page behemoth and more overwhelming than a Cheesecake Factory menu. It takes on more than it can chew, from sustainability to labor concerns to tax policy... ...And as the liberal culinary elite continues to politicize food, its agenda of sustainable, organic, local, and eco-friendly food production has influenced the dietary-guidelines process. For the first time, the committee highlighted the issue of “food sustainability and safety,” in Chapter Five of its report:
The environmental impact of food production is considerable and if natural resources such as land, water and energy are not conserved and managed optimally, they will be strained and potentially lost. The global production of food is responsible for 80 percent of deforestation, more than 70 percent of fresh water use, and up to 30 percent of human-generated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
The pro-sustainability advocates couldn’t have worse timing. Their continued attempts to shun an animal-based diet mostly for political reasons now flies in the face of recent scientific research proving that much of what the government has told us about saturated fat (derived mostly from animals) has been flat wrong. The controversy escalated last year with a major meta-analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine by top researchers; their findings couldn’t confirm a clear link between saturated fats and heart disease. The study concluded that “current evidence does not clearly support cardiovascular guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low consumption of total saturated fats.” Around the same time, Nina Teicholz’s book, The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet, stunned both the public and the medical community. Teicholz presented a damning case based on nine years of research that indicts the scientific community, government, the media, and food companies for promoting a low-fat, high-carb diet that has wreaked havoc on Americans’ health. Teicholz has since become one of the many independent critics of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. “The report does not review the preponderance of the evidence, nor the ‘best and most current science,’ per its mandate, on important topics, especially on saturated fats and low-carbohydrate diets,” Teicholz wrote in her stinging rebuke to the government report. She counters nearly every pending recommendation, from low red-meat consumption to higher carbohydrate intake. The main risk of giving out more bad advice, according to Teicholz, is creating a wary and weary public...
Read it all here.

More Disturbing News from the Abortion Industry

Stacy Washington

Project 21’s Stacy Washington has commented on yet another disturbing story from the abortion industry:

More sad news on the abortion front here in the U.S. A police raid in tony West Bloomfield Michigan has turned up 14 containers of human fetal remains from an abortionist who apparently did the procedures in his home and the home of his “patients”. The trunk of Dr. Michael Roth’s vehicle contained abortion equipment as well as large amount of Fentanyl a commonly used pain and sedation drug. Dr. Roth was recently evicted from a building where he ran an abortuary. He now works as an OBGYN.

The constant refrain from Planned Parenthood and their supporters that legalized abortion makes killing the unborn safe legal and rare is proven untrue yet again. This gruesome discovery makes Gosnell’s house of horrors appear less like an anomaly and more like a normal part of the business of killing babies. This discovery stands in stark relief against the Center for Medical Progress’s videos showing the illegal sale of baby body parts by the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. When is enough enough? When will we say no not only to funding these horrors but to this barbarism being legal at all?

I note the discovery in this gruesome case was made after a car accident in which a special needs child was struck by a car and critically-injured. I have been unable to find information online as to how the child is doing now, but am praying for him or her and his or her family.


The Significant Affirmative Action Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to re-hear an affirmative action case involving university admissions. Project 21 co-chairman Horace Cooper appeared on Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line” on September 25 to explain why Abigail Noel Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, et al. is such an important case.


First, the case tackles reverse discrimination. “Now, instead of a law that says you can’t come here because of your dark skin color,” said Horace, “we are now looking at rules in the case of the University of Texas which are saying that you can’t come here UNLESS you have dark skin color.”

Second, the case causes us to remember the original intention of affirmative action, and realize how far we have strayed from that ideal. “Affirmative action was a kind of special treatment but it was never supposed to be quotas,” noted Horace. “You know the kind of treatment it was supposed to be? You go to schools and you find really talented and capable people and you sell them on coming to your university. That’s what good football coaches do. That’s what good band coaches do. They recruit exceptionally talented people and they sell them on the advantages of coming to that university.”

Third, the case enlightens us about unintended consequences of affirmative action which threaten to make racial stereotypes even worse. “We’re doing something else that’s also sinister,” pointed out Horace. “When you bring subpar people in and they compete against exceptional people… they learn a bad lesson. You can tell who the poor performer will be based on their skin color. That’s the opposite message that we ought to be trying to get.”

Watch Horace’s entire appearance below.


Four ObamaCare Co-Ops Down, 19 To Go

As “Aleister” puts it at the Legal Insurrection blog, “You can’t even keep your new plan.”  Another ObamaCare Co-Op is going under:

Regulators will shut down Health Republic Insurance of New York, the largest of the nonprofit cooperatives created under the Affordable Care Act, in the latest sign of the financial pressures facing many insurers that participated in the law’s new marketplaces.

The insurer lost about $52.7 million in the first six months of this year, on top of a $77.5 million loss in 2014, according to regulatory filings.

The move to wind down its operations was made jointly by officials from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; New York’s state insurance exchange, known as New York State of Health; and the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Health Republic Insurance is apparently the largest of the Co-Ops, with about 215,000 members. It’s closure drops the number of ObamaCare Co-Ops from 23 to 19, following the closings of Co-Ops in Iowa, Louisiana, and Nevada. Those Co-Ops lost $146 million, $65 million, and $66 million, respectively, in taxpayer loans.  But those three put together don’t total the $356 million in taxpayer startup and emergency solvency loans lost by Health Republic.

Even the Obama Administration acknowledges that the Co-Ops are in trouble.  Sort of:

HHS spokesman Ben Wakana said in a statement that co-ops have played an “important role” in increasing competition in the health law’s marketplaces.

However, he added “as a startup business, we recognize not all will succeed.”

“If a CO-OP has solvency issues, and we cannot rule out that others may this year, we will work with the states so that consumers have affordable options on the Marketplace,” Wakana said.


New Mexico Insurer Does The ObamaCare 3-Step

The ObamaCare Three-Step is a little dance that insurance companies and insurance regulators will partake of more and more in the next few years on the exchanges.  This is how it works:

Step 1. Insurer Takes Big Loss On Exchange And Requests Big Premium Hike For Following Year

Step 2. Insurance Regulator Denies Insurer’s Rate Hike Request

Step 3. Insurer Leaves The Exchange.

In the Land of Enchantment, Blue Cross Blue Shield New Mexico (BCBSNM) and the State Department of Insurance appear to be the first to do the ObamaCare Three-Step.  Earlier this year BCBSNM requested a rate hike of over 50 percent for policies in the individual market, including the exchange, after it lost about $19.2 million.

In early August, the Dept. of Insurance rejected the rate request, offering a 24 percent one instead.  In late August, BCBSNM said it was discontinuing its business on the New Mexico individual market, including the exchange, at the end of 2015.

According to news reports, BCBSNM “covered 35,000 people in [New Mexico] last year. That number amounted to just below one-third of people in New Mexico on individual plans.”  

Not only will thousands of people have to find new insurance, those on the exchange will find a much smaller array of plans to choose from.  For a 27-year-old single person living in Albuquerque, there were 57 plans on the exchange for 2015.  Twenty-five of those are BCBSNM plans, meaning the number will drop to 32 plans for 2016, a decline of 44 percent.

A 57-year-old couple had a choice of 52 plans in Albuquerque in 2015. That will fall to 29 in 2016 thanks to the departure of BCBSNM, also a 44 percent drop.

The head of the New Mexico exchange asserts she has “had conversations with the [four] other carriers to be sure they would be ready to absorb new membership. They’ve assured us that they are.”

But that’s not the real concern.  Rather, the concern should be whether the Dept. of Insurance is willing to approve big rate hikes for those other insurers in the future, as the sicker patients who were enrolled in BCBSNM plans now migrate to the other four insurers.

Or, will more New Mexico insurers be doing the ObamaCare Three-Step?


Hillary's Health Care Plan: Make Us Sicker

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton outlined her plans for health care.  She focused heavily on prescription drugs.

One of her ideas entails forcing pharmaceutical companies that receive federal money to reinvest more of their profits into research and design. There are, of course, no specifics on how much profit they will be forced to reinvest. That will all be worked out later so as to maximize the ransom donations drug companies give to Hillary’s campaign and foundation.

She defended this idea by saying, “You should be focused on results that benefit us, not just your shareholders and your executives.”

Let’s go back to a little bit of Economics 101.  Why do investors invest in pharmaceutical companies or any company, for that matter?  If you said “to earn a profit,” go to the head of the class.  If the government reduces the profit margin of a particular industry, will investors be as likely to risk their money in that industry?  Or will they put their money in industries that the government hasn’t messed with?  Those are both rhetorical questions.

So, if investors won’t put as much money as they otherwise would into pharmaceutical companies, what happens to the rate at which new drugs are discovered?  If you said the number of new drugs discovered will decline, again go to the head of the class.  

And, of course, it will be the patients whose illnesses cannot be cured because those new drugs don’t come to the market who will suffer.

Thanks Hillary!


The Unforeseen Consequences of Affirmative Action

Project 21, a leader in the promotion of black conservative public policy opinion and activism, recently joined a new legal brief to the U.S. Supreme Court opposing racial preferences in school admissions. SCOTUS is preparing to hear the case of Abigail Noel Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, et al. for the second time.

Project 21 member Emery McClendon opposes affirmative action in school admissions, and on September 18 he explained why on Newsmax TV’s “The Daily Wrap”:

I have three sons. All three went to college. They have told me stories: “Dad, here’s a guy that comes in. He gets a grant. He gets a scholarship. His scores are low. He goes in, he parties, he spends the scholarship money, he spends the other grants that he gets. He’s kicked out of college with less than three or four months.” And he took [the place of] somebody who was going to be serious, spent that money, wasted that money. Nobody got anywhere.

Also, are American military leaders purposefully altering military reports to fit the White House narrative that America is winning against extremists in the Middle East?  McClendon noted that if the American public is being lied to, both our troops and our enemies know it.

“The guys on the field who know what’s going on, if they’re not doing what these reports say they did, they know that, and ISIS or ISIL also knows the exact same thing,” said McClendon.

“That’s actually a very good point,” responded liberal host Rick Ungar.


Project 21's McClendon Fights Back Against Sharpton's Lies

Project 21’s Emery McClendon is coordinating an “All Lives Matter” rally today prior to Rev. Al Sharpton’s appearance in Fort Wayne, IN.   On September 18, he told NewsMaxTV host Ed Berliner that the Black Lives Matter movement is largely based on lies. 

“In order for America to be great and continue to be great,” McClendon says, “we all have to work together to realize that each and every one of us is valuable.”

“We have to start in the families. We have to start in the churches.  We have to start in the schools.  We have to let them know that America is for everyone; the American Dream is achievable by everyone.  They have to be reeducated because over the years the Democratic Party has taught our race of people… that you have to be dependent upon me.  People like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and so forth.  And over the years, 40 years plus, the same message has been preached over and over and over again but nothing has changed.  It’s all about dependency, money and power.”  

So how can a more positive message permeate throughout the black community?  Parents can teach their children “that you are somebody, you are part of the American Dream.” Churches should “teach them that we need God, we need faith, and we need to believe in ourselves.  And take personal responsibility.”  

McClendon truly believes all lives matter, and that that extends to unborn lives.  He notes that “most of the abortion clinics are located centrally around most of the black neighborhoods.  Why aren’t they outside picketing those?… We need to stand up for all lives.”

This short excerpt from Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line,” broadcast on 9/18/15 and featuring Emery McClendon of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Project 21 black leadership network, has been posted under fair use guidelines for the purpose of non-profit, educational public debate by the National Center for Public Policy Research, a 501(c)(3) educational foundation under the Internal Revenue Code. For more discussion of these issues, please visit:


America Was Safer Under GWB Than Obama, Says Project 21's Cooper

Did President George W. Bush keep us safe, as claimed by Gov. Jeb Bush in the recent GOP debate?  RT Network host Thom Hartmann and his “Progressive Roundtable” call this claim a lie, but Project 21 co-chairman Horace Cooper believes that Americans are less safe under President Obama than they were under President Bush. 

“It was exactly the decision to walk away [from the War on Terror] that has allowed the ISIL problem and the metastasization in the region,” says Cooper.

Cooper also says that the thwarted Times Square terrorist was not afraid of retribution.  “He understood that we were not going to respond with the type of response that we did after 2001.”

Later, Cooper criticized government leaders who have refused to take responsibility for the poisoning of the Animas River in Colorado.

Watch the entire segment from last night’s “The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann” here:



Never Forget



ObamaCare Enrollment Falls Short of CBO Predictions

On Tuesday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that 9.9 million people had signed up for insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges.  “These numbers are consistent with HHS’s effectuated enrollment target of 9.1 million for the end of 2015,” the press release stated.

While it’s true that the Obama Administration did predict over 9 million people enrolling in the exchanges for 2015, the Administration has never explained why the exchanges have fallen short of predictions from the Congressional Budget Office. (Although, when enrollment in 2014 exceeded CBO predictions, Obama did say, “It’s working a little bit better than we anticipated — certainly, I think, working a lot better than many of the critics talked about early on.”)

Anyway, here is what the CBO predicted in various reports:


If the ObamaCare exchanges enrolled 9.9. million, then they fell about 18 percent short of CBO’s final prediction for 2015.  Don’t expect to see any of the media mention that.  And don’t expect the MSM to question whether the exchanges will reach 21 million in enrollment in 2016. Whatever goal the Administration sets is good enough for them.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Criticized by Justin Danhof on Fox Business

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission should be investigating an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook to CNBC’s Jim Cramer under its Fair Disclosure regulations, Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof told Neil Cavuto today on the Fox Business Network. Is it perhaps Cook’s liberal cronyism that has the SEC looking the other way?

Cook also refused to comply with a Justice Department court order earlier this summer. Watch Justin’s entire interview below. 


Project 21 Members Dominate Media Discussions About 'Black Lives Matter'

Recently the news media has been abuzz with stories about the Black Lives Matter movement and its possible connection to the recent trend of murdered police officers.  And right smack in the middle of the media discussions have been several members of our Project 21 black leadership network.


This past Friday, September 4, the Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File” held a discussion entitled “Black Lives Matter and 2016.”  Project 21 members Stacy Washington and Bishop Council Nedd II were part of the lively discussion.

They began their comments by defending the majority of police officers in light of threats from members of the Black Lives Movement.

Are such threats against police common or simply anomalies?  Stacy recounts the horrific behavior she witnessed firsthand in Ferguson, MO, as protestors stood before police and threatened their wives and families.

Finally, during a discussion of ways the black community can avoid future violence and poverty, Council argued for the importance of training children correctly, and Stacy noted the need for strong fathers within the family structure.

Stacy was on television twice on Friday night.  In addition to “The Kelly File,” she appeared on NewsmaxTV’s “The Daily Wrap,” where she again shared her firsthand experiences in Ferguson, MO, and asked the cutting question, WHICH black lives matter?  According to Stacy:

In St. Louis just a couple of weeks ago we had a 93-year-old Tuskegee veteran robbed twice by two sets of black men in Ferguson. We had a nine-year-old girl shot to death on her bed as she did homework… Not a peep from Black Lives Matter… Why didn’t THOSE black lives matter? Why weren’t there protests for that?

Two days earlier, Stacy appeared on NewsmaxTV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” to discuss the Iran deal, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and whether Black Lives Matter is a hate group.  

Regarding whether the Iran deal is pandering to Iran rather than representing American interests: “We don’t do our foreign policy based on how other people feel [but] now we’re going to govern through feelings… Feelings don’t matter in war.”

Regarding Black Lives Matter: “Their rhetoric of late has sounded a lot like a hate group. I would not call them a hate group, but I think they need to tone down their language.”

Stacy wasn’t the only Project 21 member with multiple media appearances last week.  Carl Pittman knew fallen Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth personally, and he responded to Goforth’s murder and other recent murders of law enforcement personnel on several radio and television shows.

On August 31, Carl was interview by Dr. Drew Pinsky on HLN’s “Dr. Drew” show.

“The political leadership has literally approved of bad behavior,” said Pittman. “A lot of people are taking this as some sort of green light to go out and continue to act in these lawless ways, and I fear we are going to see this get much much worse before it gets better.”

Pittman was also interviewed on NewsMaxTV’s “The Hard Line” on September 3. 

“I do believe the rhetoric that we’ve heard as of recently - the march where they were chanting ‘Pig in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon’ - that is very very dangerous rhetoric where someone that might be easily manipulated might follow through and try to carry something like that out,” said Pittman.



Unemployment News a Hollow Victory - About Those Jobs Numbers for August

When the monthly jobs report from the Obama Administration came out last Friday, there was unwarranted celebration at the White House.  Any “good” news truly rings hollow – that’s what Project 21 member Derryck Green thinks.

Case in point, the labor force participation rate – the number of people who are actually working or looking for work – is stuck at a low that has not been seen since the Carter era.  And it’s this unsettling factor that is likely driving down the official unemployment rate rather than robust job creation.

The stock market initially cratered in the news of the jobless report.  Yet Obama celebrated.

There’s a staggering, underreported crisis affecting the American workforce, and Obama seems to be ignoring it while he twists the report into something he’s using to threaten a veto of any forthcoming budget bill from Congress daring to cut spending.

Black is white.  Up is down.  Day is night.  Hollow victories are being treated as if they are major breakthroughs.

Trying to make some sense of it all is Derryck with his monthly “About Those Jobs Numbers” report for August’s unemployment report:

Based on a recent report from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, officials at the U.S. Department of Commerce determined that the second quarter of 2015 saw GDP grow at a rate of 3.7 percent.  This is above the initial estimate of 2.3 percent.

It’s a hollow victory for the Obama Administration, which constantly seems to be on the lookout for alleged “good” news it can report about its stewardship of the American economy that the Preisdent promised to fix seven long years ago.

But the celebration should be tempered.  When the revised GDP output from the first quarter is taken into consideration, the economy’s growth is only a measly 2.25 percent for the year.

Consider the continuing crisis of American unemployment.  Private payroll processor Automatic Data Processing (ADP) estimated the private sector created 190,000 jobs in August, which is above July’s revised number of 177,000 but still below the 210,000 jobs that analysts were expecting.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 173,000 jobs were created last month.

Despite this poor showing, the unemployment rate nonetheless was reported to have fallen to 5.1 percent.  Based on the pallid job creation numbers, it certainly wasn’t due to expanded hiring.

One of the obvious reasons the jobless rate dropped is because people stopped looking for work and are no longer counted among the unemployed.  The back-to-school season may also be responsible for the some of the unemployment rate drop.

Though economists sought out by reporters will no doubt cheer what they have perpetually regarded as an economy on the mend, this economy has allegedly been improving for six years while managing to never recover back to pre-recession levels.  Other economic indicators, as they usually do, demonstrate the economy is nowhere near recovered despite the spin of the Obama Administration and its allies in the media.

While the official unemployment rate reported in the media and hailed by President Obama and his supporters was at 5.1 percent for August, it is relatively unknown to most that there’s an alternative jobless rate that is more than double that.  The U-6 rate, a measure that is considered to be a better indicator of the complete employment situation because is measures those looking for work as well as those who are underemployed and have quit looking for work altogether, is a sky-high 10.3 percent.  For a good portion of the Obama presidency, this U-6 rate has doubled the official rate.

This jobless rate is a hollow victory.  Obama cannot legitimately claim the employment situation is getting better when one considers the devil in the details.

And, as usual, the demographic groups the President considers to be his base didn’t fare well compared to the general population.  Women’s unemployment, for instance, was at 4.7 percent.  That sounds good, but this rate is still worse that during the George W. Bush Administration.

For blacks, the rate ticked up to 9.5 percent.  For black teens, the unemployment rate went up almost three points to 31.3 percent.  For Hispanics, the jobless rate was 6.6 percent.

In all, more than 94 million Americans were not in the workforce in August, including more than 56 million women.  The civilian labor force participation rate of 62.6 percent for the third consecutive month – a 38-year low (that’s October, 1977, to be precise!).

These statistics alone make it certain that the jobless situation is much, much worse than official reports.  The month Barack Obama was inaugurated, the labor force participation rate was 65.7 percent and the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent – with roughly 80.5 million people not in the workforce.  Now, the number of people not in the workforce has jumped 15 million, and the labor force participation rate is 3.1 percent lower.  Yet the unemployment rate is a little more than two percent lower.

It sounds like Common Core math to me.

It’s a hollow victory.

And things aren’t getting better elsewhere in the economy.  For example:

  • According to consultancy firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, employers planned to cut 41,186 workers from payrolls in August.  This is a 61 percent decline from the 105,696 jobs that were cut in July.  Based on their data, this brings the jobs cuts for 2015 to date to 434,554.
  • Data from a recent Gallup poll shows more Americans are losing confidence in the economy.  According to Gallup, the U.S. Economic Confidence Index “slid three points to -17 after also declining three points the prior week.  This is the lowest the index has been since September 2014, and comes as international markets struggle amid volatility in China’s stock market.”
  • The U.S. manufacturing sector lost 17,000 jobs last month, the first decline in this sector since 2013.  On the same low note, the nation’s service economy added more than 26,000 jobs for bartenders and waiters.  So, if those who have given up hope in finding work or those who aren’t working full-time need to cry in their beers over the poor economic situation, there are enough bartenders and waiters to accompany a very large pity party.
  • A study conducted by the left-leaning National Employment Law Project noted that take-home pay for American workers was either stagnant or had fallen since the so-called recovery began back in 2009.  The greatest declines were among the lowest-paid workers such as those in the home health care, food preparation and retailing sectors.  Jobs without great wages is certainly a hollow victory.  At least that’s what the left always says, right?
  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says that, because of record tax revenue and plateaued spending, the federal deficit and debt were reduced to $426 billion in fiscal year 2015.  This marks the lowest deficit of Obama’s reign.  At the same time, however, the CBO predicts that by 2018 spending will increase while the economy slows once again, making the debt unsustainable.  And Obama is threatening to veto any budget from Congress and shut down the government if lawmakers don’t increase spending.
  • Wall Street didn’t react too kindly to the less-than-stellar jobs report.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 272 points – or 1.7 percent – ending the week at a loss of over three percent, according to the Wall Street Journal.  This ends a particularly bad two weeks for the Dow, which dropped significantly during the past two weeks of August as a reported result of China’s weak economic outlook.  Hollow.
  • The national average for a price of gas is $2.42, the lowest price per gallon for a Labor Day weekend since 2004.  AAA predicts the national average for gas to be at or below $2 per gallon at Christmas.  OK – so there is some good news!

Despite the reported drop, the fine print shows that the August jobs numbers weren’t good news.  And, while more and more Americans find themselves on the outside of the workforce looking in, President Obama seems disconnected from his duty to help manage our nation’s economic recovery.  Instead, he’s busy renaming mountains and continuing to push the scam of “climate change.”  He’s taking selfies (again), and lying to the world about how great his Iran deal will be (well, great for Iran; read it).

In other words, it seems Obama appears willing to ride out the remaining months of his presidency as an absent leader, taking what amounts to taxpayer-funded vacations and likely securing donations for his presidential library while his administration enacts more economy-killing regulations prolonging the financial suffering of more and more Americans. 


Yes, Obama, Premiums Are Going Up

Back in early Summer when some insurers on the exchanges requested hefty premium hikes for 2016, one lefty pundit counseled, don’t pay too much attention to scare stories about gigantic increases in Obamacare premiums next year.”  One reason, he said was that a “few months from now, the real rate increases—the ones approved by state and federal authorities—will begin to trickle out.”

President Obama agreed with him:

“My expectation is that they’ll come in significantly lower than what’s being requested,” he said, saying Tennesseans had to work to ensure the state’s insurance commissioner “does their job in not just passively reviewing the rates, but really asking, ‘OK, what is it that you are looking for here? Why would you need very high premiums?’”

And how has that worked out?  According to the Wall Street Journal:

That commissioner, Julie Mix McPeak, answered on Friday by greenlighting the full 36.3% increase sought by the biggest health plan in the state, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. She said the insurer demonstrated the hefty increase for 2016 was needed to cover higher-than-expected claims from sick people who signed up for individual policies in the first two years of the Affordable Care Act.

Several regulators around the country agree with her, and have approved all or most of the big premium increases sought by the largest health plans in their states for the new sign-up season that begins Nov. 1.

As the below graphic from the WSJ shows, of the 10 insurers asking for an average premium increase above 10 percent, half have had their rates approved by regulators, three are still pending, and only two have been denied—and one that was denied had requested a 12 percent hike and had a 10 percent increase approved by regulators.


As I warned, “Ignore the premium hikes at your own risk.


Veterans Health Administration: Over 300,000 Not Served

A new report from the Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General found that as “of September 30, 2014, over 307,000 pending ES [Enrollment System] records were for individuals reported as deceased by the Social Security Administration.” That’s about one-third of those who are the VA’s waiting list.

Am I shocked?  Well, yes.  I’m surprised it’s that low.

It’s been well known for a while now that the VA has had trouble getting timely treatment to veterans. Unfortunately, the report is unable to shed light on a very important question:

However, due to the data weaknesses identified in…we cannot determine specifically how many pending ES records represent veterans who applied for health care benefits or when they may have applied. [Italics added.]

This occurred because VHA [Veterans Health Administration] lacked adequate procedures and management oversight to identify and implement necessary updates to the individual’s status and the method for identifying deaths was inadequate. Unless VHA adopts effective procedures to identify individual deaths and takes action to improve the data integrity of ES, it cannot accurately and reliably report on the status of pending applicants, enrollees, and other beneficiaries in the VA health care system. 

Thus, we don’t know how many of those 307,000 veterans died because they had trouble getting health care.  But it’s probably a safe guess that more than a few did.

Remember back when the VA had the best health care system in the country?  I’ll bet that intellectuals like Phillip Longman do.